Team building logos

Team building Barcelona

Corporate Events: TEAMBUILDING “Experience Gaudí”: Create the logo of your company in Gaudi´s mosaic technique “Trencadís”
Every workshop will be customized to meet the requirements of your company and/or department. The whole group is divided in several teams. Each team works on his part of the macro mosaic.
Sharing the experience of working together in team work on a mosaic piece such as a company logo will improve motivation, interpersonal communication, identification with the company, empathy and collaboration in an original, creative and innovative fashion. We will introduce the team to the mosaic technique “Trencadis” (mosaic created from broken pieces of ceramic like tiles) and provide assistance throughout this unique experience. This will be an unique mosaic artwork and reminder of Barcelona and Antonio Gaudí and a wonderful decoration of the wall of your company.

Video of some of our corporate events