Mosaic class and courses

Mosaic class in Barcelona

Class of Trencadis mosaic from 1, 2, 3 … hours

Experience Gaudí

Create your mosaic in Antonio Gaudís mosaic style. Discover the “Experiencia Gaudí”a fun activity for children adults and families. We show our customers the basics of ‘Trencadis’, the revolutionary technique invented by Antonio Gaudí which can be found all over Barcelona’s main monuments: La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Parque Güell, Sagrada Familia, La Torre Bellesguard, Palau Güell, Colonia Güell, etc…

Creating Mosaics like Gaudí

you will learn the basics of the tecnique in 2, 3 … hours, learn to handle tools, choose your design and work out your first masterpiece of trencadis – mosaic: a coaster, a place mat, a mirror, a photo frame, elephant or other object. The “Gaudí Experience” will be an unforgettable, special and unique reminder of Gaudí’s Barcelona. This workshop will take your customers to experience the Gaudi spirit in a relaxed and pleasure atmosphere tutured of one of our artesan masters.
The customer should take into account that the artwork produced by the end of the workshop will have to be grouted by staff. Usually, the artwork is left in the workshop and picked up later on in the afternoon or the next morning if the workshop had taken place in the afternoon.

Tripadvisor: Certificate of Excellence

Mosaic course in Barcelona

Mosaic Basic and Advanced course.

Mosaic Basic Course for Adults

For adults without prior knowledge.

A short introduction to the history and development of the mosaic art; the participants will be familiarized with the various tools, cutting techniques and methods of applying tesserae and will become acquainted with the characteristics of the necessary materials (ceramics, unglazed ceramics, glass mosaic, stained glass, tiffany glass, etc.). Having selected a particular design, each participant will be given instructions on how to craft his/her own art work. Materials and mosaic objects, such as mirrors, are included in the course fee.

Learning experiences: creativity, working in an independent fashion, working in a group, concentration training, and developing a taste for colors and shapes.

Duration: 14 hours.

Mosaic Course-Advanced Students

For participants who already possess a basic knowledge of mosaics (e.g. from the basic course). The participants will create an object of their own design. If an object cannot be finished during the course, the project may be completed in our “Free Workshop“. Learning experiences: creativity, working with an object of a more complex nature in an independent fashion, working in a group, concentration training, enhancing mosaic skills.

Duration: 16 hours. On request.

Table course

In this course you will learn to decorate a table. We offer different tables.

Duration for the standard table: 20 h