About Mosaiccos


Originally from Germany, Angelika Heinbach (Founder & CEO) has been living in Spain for more than 30 years. She has specialized in enhancing creativity and communication as well as promoting the cultural tradition of millennial mosaic art and the “Trencadis” mosaic technique. While she was still a child, her mother, Martha, sparked her passion for the arts . When she came to Barcelona , she was impressed by the works of Miró, Dalí, Picasso, and especially the genius of Antonio Gaudí.

She was able to reconcile her career in multinational companies with the advancement of her passion by attending specialized courses in arts and mosaic arts, both in Spain and other countries. During more than 35 years of her professional life, whether working with multinational companies or on a freelance basis, she discovered that communication among the employees from different departments is key to corporate success. Bad communication undermines motivation. She has dedicated her work over the past years to reconciling corporate Training issues – organizing Teambuilding and Events seminars for groups and companies. She loves her work and it is her objective to make employees identify with their company and get along with their colleagues nicely- In group Events we love to teach each participant to design and create his/her own work of art.

Today, with her Studio MOSAICCOS, a long-standing dream has come true and she is excited about what she is doing: With Teambuilding and Eventos “Experiencia Gaudí” MOSAICCOS combines arts with company and group objectives. Moreover, in our special mosaic classes, we teach children and adults to unleash their creativity and create artworks of their own which can be used to decorate their homes or as a present for their loved ones, a very special souvenir from Barcelona done by themselfes. Also we create and sell all kinds of decorative mosaic artworks.

Diploma accredited for Excellence “Mestre artesà divulgatiu” (Master craftsman`s certificate) in the work and divulgation of this Art, awarded by the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Carles Puigdemont I Casamajó at the Palau de la Generalitat (4.7.2016)

Biography MOSAICCOS:
Events with public entities and related to Antonio Gaudí’s masterworks and institutions

November 2019: Collaboration with Casa Batlló and volunteers of the UNESCO and in October 2019 with the NPO European Heritage Volunteers in the frame of the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers project 2019 “The Restoration of Casa Batlló, from inside to beyond its walls”, Casa Batlló, a World Heritage site since 2005, organized together with the NGO European Heritage Volunteers several activities with young volunteers in October and November 2019. One of the activities chosen was a team building event at MOSAICCOS Barcelona to create, with the trencadís technique, the motif of the façade of Casa Batlló.

October 2018: Gaudí World Congress Barcelona
Gaudí World Congress Barcelona: “Originality and Innovation” Team building: Creation of a macro mosaic.

October 2018: Casa de la Maria Reina de la Paz in the Crypt of the Sagrada Familia
Team building workshop creating a macro trencadís mosaic “The mercy” with the group of of disabled and homeless people organized with NGO Association Casa de la Reina Maria de la Paz.

July 2018: III Gaudí World Congress Astorga
III Gaudí World Congress in the Bishops Palace Astorga. Trencadís mosaic workshop for 100 children, each child created the main tower of the Palacio Bishop´s Palace

2019/2018/2017/2016/2015: Modernisme Fair Barcelona
Collaboration with Torre Bellesguard at the Modernism Fair of Barcelona, offering Trencadís mosaic and mosaic workshops for the children and adults.

May 2017: Collaboration with Crypt Gaudí and Council Office of Barcelona
Trencadís mosaic workshop in the Colonia Güell during the “Costa Barcelona Week”

February 2017: Palau Moja
Trencadís mosaic workshop in the Palau Moja

August 2017: Collaboration with NPO Namaste Community Foundation, Nepal
Volunteer Collaboration: Pokhara (Nepal) Trencadís and mosaic workshops in this NPO and other works.

July 2016: Awarded by the President of Catalonia: Master´s diploma
Master’s diploma craftswoman. In recognition of master’s degree and merits of extraordinary character that she has accredited and divulgation of this art.

April 2016: Colonia Güell and Crypt of Gaudí
Collaboration with Colonia Güell: Activities for families: Creation of a macro mosaic, the motive of the Crypt of Antonio Gaudí, that is hanging at the entrance of the museum.

May 2016: Collaboration with Gaudí Experience
Trencadís workshop

April 2015: Sant Jordí: Casa Batlló
Saint George: Collaboration with Casa Batlló: Passers-by and visitors of the Casa Batlló create together a macro mosaic of the Dragon of the Casa Batlló of 5m2

April 2015: Salón Internacional de Turismo de Cataluña SITC
Trencadis workshop at the International Tourism Exhibition Catalonia (SITC) collaborating with the Castelldefels Town Council.

From 2012 collaboration with the Gaudí Crypt, Colonia Güell and The Bellesguard Tower
Collaboration with Torre Bellesguard and Colonia Güell: Combined visit: Guided tour of Antonio’s Gaudí masterpieces and trencadís mosaic workshop for any type of group, schools and companies (Team building workshops).

2012: Collaboration with the City Council Gavá
Collaboration with the City Council of Gavá Mar creating a macro mosaic in teamwork.

2012: Collaboration with the Central library of Castelldefels
Collaboration with the Central library of Castelldefels creating a macro mosaic in teamwork with the children of the town.

2011: Collaboration with the city council of Castelldefels
“Ecomosaics” trencadís mosaic workshop. In collaboration with the city council of Castelldefels.